A brief history about the Whitney Museum of American Art

The Whitney Museum of American Art is considered as a preeminent museum devoted to the art of the United States, located in Manhattan. The museum presents the cultures and traditions of the twentieth-century and the art work of the contemporary American artists.  It was founded by a wealthy and most prominent American patron and figure Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney in 1931.  The museum is dedicated to accumulating, preserving, and displaying American art; and its wide range of collections is arguably the finest property of the twentieth-century American art.  It is the very first museum which holds the credits to dedicate the works of the living artists.

Beautiful, New York’s stunning building housing the s collections of modern art of American cultures and traditions by living artists.  It offers an incredible art work displayed on the five floors within the building and a fascinating gift shop for the visitors.  The students of adult groups must visit to see this museum during their educational trips.

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