Battery Park is known as an extreme southern tip of Manhattan Island in New York City. The park was fortified in the 17th century and named for the artillery batteries as to protect the nation. It continued its functions throughout the era of colonialism and was known as the center for the celebrations of Evacuation Day in commemorating the last British troops departed after the American Revolutionary War in the United States.

The Battery Park features many memorial locations for the visitors to get an attraction. At the northwestern end, there is a Castle Clinton who is considered as the remnant piece of the artists’ defensive work. It inspired the name of the park as the Battery Park.

Things do around the Battery Park

The new visitors must know that there are many locations in the park for what they can make a plan to tour this park. School field trips will help the students to learn more. They will surely have a wonderful experience walking around the park and by visiting its monuments including the great artists’ works, apartments, and skyscraper buildings. If school students are interested in visiting the Battery park, then they must go for it with some self-designed plans and co-curricular activities.

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