Amazing Historical City Georgia

Georgia is a home to the Black History founders, legacies, legends, and heroes.  Back to the thousands of years, African-American legacy has reborn a new life in Georgia.  From the days of enslaved people to the Civil Right Movements, Georgia has contributed a lot and has deep roots of African-American heritages.


Field Trips to Georgia

Every year, the native African-Americans celebrate February as Black History Month.  For this, they arrange many events, décor historic museums with artworks by the native artists and conduct speeches and long marches.  One really cool thing that the teachers can do is go on an academic field trip along with students.


Black History Field Trips to Georgia

Georgia welcomes people from around the country to pay homage and commemorate the struggles made by the great African-American leaders to the great America.  Teachers from different schools arrange many field tours to the historical sites in the city and take the groups of students to African-American historic landmarks to experience their culture and life.

There are some top sites that must be included on any educational tour:

  • Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site and King Center
  • The APEX Museum which gives a sweeping view of Black History
  • The Center for Civil and Human Rights


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