The Most Visited Places in Philadelphia

What is Important in Philadelphia? Philadelphia is one of the oldest cities in the United States. It is termed as the birthplace of the United States of America because the founding fathers of the nation declared independence in a meeting that was held in this remarkable city. The Most Visited Places in Philadelphia Philadelphia is […]

Liberty Island, New York City

What is the significance of Liberty Island? Liberty Island is a combined owned island having many historical locations in the Upper New York Bay. The island is well known as it has located the Statue of Liberty. The island is under controlled by the National Park Service. The statue holds the significance of freedom and […]

Brooklyn Botanic Garden, New York City

A brief history of BBG Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG) is a botanic garden located in the neighborhood of Brooklyn in New York City. It has a wide range of specialties such as different plants, an art gallery, and three climate-related plant pavilions. It was founded by the founders more than a century ago. At that […]

17 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Miami

Joy is the other Name of Miami Everybody knows Miami is the capital city of Florida State. It is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Regarding tourism, it is one of the most famous cities in the United States. It remains full of local and foreign tourists around the year. Top Most […]

New York Hall of Science, New York City

A short note about the New York Hall of Science The New York Hall of Science (NYSCI) is a museum featuring the science related architectures and artworks by the independent artists. It is one of the most visiting museums of America and known as the only practical science center catering to the visitors, families, educational […]

National Museum of African Art, Washington, D.C.

The National Museum of Africans Art is a private funded African museum showcasing traditional African art and culture through the channel of educational programs. The museum located in the neighborhood National Mall in Washington, D.C., the United States under the umbrella of the Smithsonian Institution. The National Museum is little, but a great spot for […]

Battery Park, New York City

Battery Park is known as an extreme southern tip of Manhattan Island in New York City. The park was fortified in the 17th century and named for the artillery batteries as to protect the nation. It continued its functions throughout the era of colonialism and was known as the center for the celebrations of Evacuation […]

One World Trade Center, New York City

What is the significance of the One World Trade Center? One World Trade Center, an international icon, is also known as the Freedom Tower. It is the main skyscraper of the rebuilt World Trade Center with a large complex in  Lower Manhattan, New York City. It is introduced as the tallest American building in the […]

Governors Island, New York City

Basic Information about Governors Island Governors Island is a 172-acre island located at the distance of a 10-minute ferry ride from the tip of the Lower Manhattan and segregated from the borough of Brooklyn by Buttermilk Channel. It is situated in the neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City. The Island has continued to be […]

42nd Street, (Manhattan) New York City

What  is 42nd Street? 42nd Street is one of the most active streets to stroll in the borough of Manhattan, New York City. It is well known for its theaters and the intersection with the Times Square. Visitors can choose this way to get somewhere better at the right time. They will have a variety […]