What is the Chrysler Building?

The Chrysler Building is a very fine instance of becoming the tallest building in the world.  It was considered as the tallest building till then it is beaten by the Empire State Building in Manhattan.  But due to its beautiful design and iconic structure, the height does not really matter.  It is still believed by a large number of the modern architects that the Chrysler Building is a classic instance of Art Deco architecture and one of the finest skyscrapers in the world.  The project began with the collaboration of two architects William Van Alen and William H. Reynolds during the 20th Century.

The building holds a number of mesmerizing secrets and facts that are somehow difficult to be approached as they do not allow the tourists.  There were a couple of apartments hidden inside the building and some are found on the top floor for Chrysler.  The building still looks great against the skyline and it is the lobby that draws the tourists.  If you are planning to visit New York City, it would be incomplete if you come back without visiting this skyscraper.  Students should include this building in their school field trip plans to know about the history of the older architectural marvel.

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