It is the day of acknowledging a well renowned person of the black history and the great pioneer of the civil rights which is to be celebrated on the third Monday in January every year.  This year, the MLK Day to be celebrated almost in every state of the United States, occurred different music concerts, art exhibits and marches to teach the people about the legacy of the King, his works for black people, and efforts to eliminate the so called racism from the surface of his beloved land.


Pay Homage to the Great Pioneer of the Civil Rights

Students of each grade walk out from their classrooms and homes to pay the homage to the most recognized leader of the Civil Rights.  It is one of the largest annual celebrations that are being held all across the country. King taught the legacy, tolerance, equality and the respect to the member of his nation.  The biggest 33rd MLK Day festival was held on his birthday, January, 15 (Sunday) at the Marcus Center of the Performing Arts in Milwaukee this year. A lot of people were gathered to attend the festival and pay their honor to the King.


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