What is the Boston Harbor?

Boston is the main city of the United States which has significance like no other.  It has a natural harbor located in the neighborhood of the city Boston, Massachusetts.  It is home to the major seaport, a kind of transport facility in the northeastern United States.  Boston waterfront has a rich history that you can learn with the tour guide of 360 School Trips.  It will teach you in a way like no one else can.

The history of the inner harbor is great as it was considered the main port of Boston. Today, it serves as a site of the Boston waterfront and the port facilities respectively.  Whereas the outer harbor stretches to the east and the south of the inner harbor.

There are so many great things about the Boston Harbor.  The Boston Harbor Hotel, Boston Harbor Cruises, and the Sea Whales are the major things located around the port.  Whether if you are looking for a unique perspective excursion or want to explore an educational whale tour, let 360 Schools Trips be your guide.

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