A short note about CNN Center

The CNN (Cable News Network) is a world famous American satellite television channel.  The CNN Center is the head office of the World headquarters of CCN.  Various studios and main newsrooms of CNN channels are located in the building. The CNN Center is located in the downtown Atlanta, Georgia.  Besides the newsrooms and studios, the CNN Center houses a large hotel and an atrium food hall that offers a variety of dining options frequented by the tourists and the local business employees.  The atrium is a must see steep escalator that is used to transport the tourists on the CNN trip. It is the world’s longest freestanding escalator which has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

It is interesting to know and see all of what is going on at the CNN Center. The tour of CNN Center is always informative and exciting for the visitors as they get an opportunity to see the news taping in action.  The school students must take tour to Atlanta to view the newsrooms and studios of the CNN Center.

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