A Field Trip to Faneuil Hall, Boston City

What is Faneuil Hall?

Faneuil Hall, also known as the Cradle of Liberty, is located in the center of Boston, Massachusetts.  Faneuil Hall was designated as an iconic historical landmark which was many years later included in the list of the U.S. National Register of Historical Places.  On the eve of the American Revolution, the assembly room of the Faneuil Hall became as a meeting house for the Patriots to discuss the British policy and many other grievances.  The building of the Faneuil Hall was designed by the renowned Scottish-American artist John Smybert.

Now, it has become as a platform of depicting the historical events and incidents.  It is still a marketplace representing the background history and good for a walkthrough for the tourists.  On the first floor of the building, the visitors can explore the wonderful shops for a shopping and kiosks.  It is more interesting to see the presentations by the park rangers in order to give a detailed history of the Faneuil Hall.  So, it is a must see venue for the students to get awareness about the history. The students should not forget this historic venue while making a school trip plan to Boston.

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