What is Fenway Park?

Fenway Park is American’s most favorite baseball park located in Boston, Massachusetts.  Because of its age, it is counted as the oldest park in Major League Baseball and uniquely nestled in the constrained location in the dense of Boston.  It is the place where anyone can come to make their dreams true, different traditions and cultures are celebrated and baseball is the only game that is forever.  The World Series with the Braves and Red Sox winning games held ten times in the Fenway Park.  The ballpark is much liked by the people of all groups and ages as it has been place of many other games, concerts, cultural events, political and spiritual campaigns.

Since 1912, the ballpark has been hosting millions of visitors every year from all across the world.  It has a history of Bostonian that would tell you that what kind of people they are.  The tourists, including students, must see this venue even if they don’t like the baseball game.  Even if the students are not a baseball fanatic, they will get more information in the first ten minutes of the 360 School trips that will surely enough to satisfy them.

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