The Fernbank Museum of Natural History is full of adventure lives offering hands-on scientific study, dinosaurs, cultural artifacts and live animals.  Take a tour to this museum and walk through the wild edges to explore this world filled with beautiful nature, boardwalks, bird’s-eye tree pods, giant old trees and interactive exhibitions.  The main purpose of the museum is to inspire the tourists through a life-long learning experience of the natural history and it also encourages the inhabitants of this world through its matchless experiences and immersive programs.

Why Fernbank Museum is a must see place for school groups?

To experience more about the wildlife animals, you will surely love this place if you are way out of Atlanta and want a quick tour of the natural world.  The museum is located in a very beautiful and nice part of Atlanta that is right next to Emory.  The school students can take visual fun of the giant bones of dinosaurs and also enhance their field trip experience with the hands-on activities, programs and science artifacts. This place is like heaven for the lovers of nature and history. Let us arrange your educational field trip to this amazing museum of natural history.

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