Visiting the most iconic symbol of American Independence the original Liberty Bell in Philadelphia is the most promising achievement for the tourists.  It is displayed in a glass chamber in the background with the Independence Hall and offers diverse cultural exhibits and videos about this new symbol of independence.  The Liberty Bell is located in the Liberty Bell Center at the 6th and Market Streets.  Exhibits displayed in the side line of the hallway of the Liberty Centre that includes different areas from the origin of the State House bell to the abolitionist who use it for their services and the advocates.

Why the Liberty Bell is an Important Place for the Students?

For the American Independence history, the student groups must need to see the Liberty Bell on their educational field trip to Philadelphia.  Best of all is that you can get a close look at this famous symbol and can also walk around it, unlike many other historical objects or sites.  In this way, students will have got a chance to observe the history and have a very good look at the Liberty Bell. Let us arrange a school field trip for you students to this amazing place.

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