The remarkable Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site commemorates the legacy, work and life of the Civil Rights leader.  Before you start your walk around the several buildings of the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, check for a map of the site, brochure and exhibits while stopped by the visitors in Atlanta.  Inside the building, there is also a chronicle museum displaying the art works of Dr King’s role and the movement of American Civil Rights.  Besides, the visitors explore the history of the King Center for Non-Violent Social Change to get more information about the King and his life career including his Nobel Peace Prize.

Why it is Important for the School Trips?

Touring Atlanta must be pre-planned as it requires some extraordinary plans to visit.  With a proper planning, students can make their educational field trips successful as like a dream comes true.  The building is enriched with the history of a veteran and established to preserve the birth place of him.  It’s open for the public every day except the national holiday of 25th December. In essence, Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site is an important trip destination. Let us arrange a field trip to this wonderful place this holiday season.

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