What is the Museum of Science?

The Museum of Science is a landmark located in Boston, Massachusetts.  The museum features various live presentations, a revolving schedule of permanent 700 exhibits, shows, and indoor lighting show each year.  The museum has its own an on-site parking garage.  It has also a constellation of eateries that offers a wide selection of dining options to the visitors of Cambridge, Boston, and the Charles River.  The museum hosts different events from non-profit to social gatherings, the expert meetings to the whimsical events.  These events and live presentations are worth watching of all ages.  They can visit the museum to do amazing things every year.

A field trip to the Museum of Science can enhance and reinforce your educational programs and objectives.  A roster of motivational events, shows, films, demonstrations and special hands-on exhibits encourages students to explore more and have fun while learning. You will get high inspiration from the ways of the museum that can stimulate your students and support to achieve the goals of your curriculum. Let us make your next field trip a great fun and learning experience. Let us arrange your next field trip to this fantastic place.

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