About Newbury Street

It is an upscale shopping street runs from the Boston Public Garden to Massachusetts, located in the Back Bay area of Boston, in the United States.  The Newbury Street is one of the most trendy areas, crosses an array of arteries that are considered major pathways.  It was originally the section of Boston Harbor but later Harbor was gradually filled in and become as the part of the Back Bay.  The origins of the Newbury as a tourist destination and upscale shopping center are difficult to pin down but since that time it has been a mecca for the tourists.

Newbury shows an originality and individuality in many ways that is probably lacking in other major commercial areas.  Themes of the shopping centers include children’s shoes, clothes and all important accessories, men’s and women’s latest fashions and other trendy objects.  Besides these specialty stores, there are also book shops, crafts, music, jewelry, salons, and spas on the Newbury Street.  All these stores encourage tourists and students equally to traverse the artery.  Finally, Newbury Street symbolizes as a retail and upscale environment that attracts visitors to come and see.  For students, it is a must see destination to learn more about new books during an educational trip to Boston and have fun at the same time.

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