Significance of the Old North Church

The Old North Church is a historic building and the most visited oldest surviving church located in the North End of Boston.  It is a national historic landmark promoting the values of civic engagement, liberty, freedom through the preservation and interpretation of this historic site.  Further, the church includes five notable locations including the Old North Gift Shop (a chapel for Italian immigrants), The Clough House, three large courtyards, the Gardens and two adjoining townhouses that are converted into public platforms for the use of social, administrative, educational, parish and civic programs.

Each year, the church hosts millions of tourists from all across the world who make their trip to Boston to explore the innovative and unique monument to freedom.  Through its historical based education, the church provides many opportunities for the students, learning centers, public groups, and community interaction to learn about the foundation.  It promotes its national and regional history to attract new visitors and students.  The schools plan educational trips to Boston to experience through educational outreach by the Old North Church. So are you ready to arrange an immersive field trip for your school students?

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