What is Old State House?

Old State House is one of the oldest and historic public buildings in the history of America.  Looking back at the frail pages of the history, this must-see destination has emerged as a prominent building based on Freedom Trail.  You must visit and explore this destination located in the Downtown Boston, Massachusetts to know why this Revolution began here that has changed the whole world with the people and events forever.

Why Old State House is Important?

Experience the real life stories of people whose lives were completely changed from upside-down by such revolutionary ideas and events.  People visit the historic place of the Boston Massacre where violence erupted and took the lives of five local citizens.

Peeking into the building, visitors will come to know that it has also contained a big library and another archive as well.  The library and archive have a collection of books and items to benefit the tourists.  Students from all across the United States of America must plan to visit Boston and see this beautiful and attractive building to learn about the history.

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