Paul Revere’s Home

The Paul Revere House is the remnant of colonial America era located at the 19th North Square, Boston, Massachusetts.  The house has become the National Historic Landmark where Paul lived there with his family.  One night the patriot Paul Revere left his home in Boston and started his journey to become a legend.  The house was originally constructed in 1680 and known as the oldest house in downtown Boston.  It is a wooden home of the second story.  The recent building, like many others of its time that located in different areas of the town and  stood on the edge of its sides, was constructed on with a Dutch plan.

The building has naturally undergone procedures that changed its interior and exterior look in this long period.  For all the  history lovers, this house is mandatory and a memorable place to visit.  The house is full of historical facts and accurate with old furniture and decorations from the Colonial era.  It is a must see attraction for the school students and learn more about the historical  man Paul Revere during school field trips.

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