A Boston Landmark

The USS Constitution Museum is home to the memory of the USS Constitution, ‘Old Ironsides’ located in the Charlestown Navy Yard.  Through its interactive exhibits, hands-on collections and interactive programs interpreting the old stories of the USS Constitution, it shares the history of the ship with its visitors.  This landmark while exhibiting the historic and interactive events create a memorable experience for all the groups of people.  Many people are inspired by its symbol of freedom that Constitution signifies.  The museum is a private and non-profit landmark that is controlled from the naval ship.

Every day, families come to Museum to learn more about the historical War of 1812 through the displayed exhibitions in the museum.  The subject of the war and the memories of the ship crew are preserved and narrated by an actual Navy officer.  It is a must see museum for the citizens and the students as well.  You must arrange a field trip to Boston and plan to visit this educated destination. Moreove,  there are many more knowledgeable places in Boston. Let us arrange a great fun and leaning school field trip to this amaizngin palce.

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