If not carefully arranged, field trips can be boring and exhaustive. What it takes to make school field trips interactive, interesting, and enjoyable thereby making students learn. So we came up with a 3 part guide for students to have a good time on school field trips. Below is the detail of these step by step guidelines;

Part 1: Having Fun on the Bus

When the journey towards field trip starts, students find themselves in a bus. The bus journey could be fun if you know how to deal with it. You can have good time in the bus if you;

  • Play road games: There is no limit; you have unlimited game options.
  • Start a sing-along: Everybody loves music; so it is time to show your love for music.
  • Chat with friends: Having a chat with your close friend will kill your time easily.
  • Bring entertainment: You can bring your own mode of entertainment. For example, you can bring your laptop or music player to keep yourself busy all the time.

Part 2: Getting Ready for the Trip

After reaching your destination safe and sound, it is not the time to getting ready for the real fun. It is time to get ready for the much-awaited trip by doing the following;

  • Do the preparatory work: Start preparation by doing the preparatory work. Preparation is important factor that makes your trip amazing.
  • Plan the right outfit: Choose the outfit carefully. Take spare clothes as per weather. It is crucial to choose the right shoes as well.
  • Pack the appropriate items: Do take with you the items you are going to need. Consider packing eatables and other daily use items.
  • Make lunch plans: Plan for lunch in advance because there might not be a place nearby. It would be good to bring your eatables and drinks.

Part 3: Behaving on the Trip

It is a good time to learn team management because you will deal with all kinds of people throughout your time on the trip. You will have good time if you;

  • Follow the rules: Always follow the rules of the destination site, no matter what. Also important is to follow the rules communicate to you by the school management.
  • Pay attention: Paying attention while your tour guide is speaking is vital. One of the primary motives behind arranging a field trip is to learn.
  • Be open-minded: Try to be open-minded and do not enter into arguments with others. If a person is annoying or bothering you, try your best to avoid that person.
  • Consult worksheets: Consulting worksheets provided by the school is important on a field pan. You can fill the worksheet after the field trip ends.
  • Find a friend to buddy up with: Do not hang out alone, stay with your close friends. Do not hang out alone under any circumstances.

So Are You Ready to Have Fun?

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