How It All Started?

The federal holiday took almost 15 years to become as the legislation to honoring the first civil right leader Martin Luther King Jr.  The holiday is officially observed on the third Monday of January each year.  This year it will be held on 16th January.  So, don’t miss to come and attend the events to learn more the history of the Late King.  This day is being celebrated to commemorate the life and works of a man who struggled hard for the equal rights of all Americans.  The history of the King holiday is as old as its legacy.  Over 6 million people submitted their names to Congress for making it as a legislation day.

How Students Can Participate In Paying Homage To The King Day?

The university students, school groups and other learning groups can pay homage to the most amazing man, an activist and the legacy of the civil right movement, MLK Jr.  By contributing and participating in the events ranging from health panels to screening documents.  However, many states opposed the celebration of this holiday and said he didn’t deserve this honor.  Despite, all the restriction, the voters approved the King day as a federal holiday in 1992.

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