What is Black History Month?

Black history is a historical occasion to celebrate and examine the past and reflect on the consequences that our actions have and what they will have on future.  As being a community, we examine the Black History month as a time of celebration for those who believe that all these inspirations including brave risks, freedom marches, brilliant ideas and painful endurance are for the bright future.


Celebrations of Black History Month

This month is known as a Black History month and throughout this month; people delve into its history to know more about the northern migration, the civil rights alongside Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Rosa Parks.  By visiting the memorable museums and monuments, you should stay with the museum staff and they will share the accomplishments of African American innovators.  Don’t overlook any chance of getting a deeper experience.


Ideas for Black History Month

Teachers should encourage their students to explore the struggle and success of many past and present African Americans leaders.  From the civil rights to the culture, all are rich with different subjects for the students’ classroom discussion and research.  Thus, teachers should plan a classroom field trip to historical places on the Black History and try to inspire them with such activities as sports, arts, exhibitions, and literacy.


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