What is the significance of Liberty Island?

Liberty Island is a combined owned island having many historical locations in the Upper New York Bay. The island is well known as it has located the Statue of Liberty. The island is under controlled by the National Park Service. The statue holds the significance of freedom and liberty which was the gift from the France to the America as to mark the American Centennial.

The visitors who desire to visit the Liberty Island to see the Statue of Liberty, the Museum, the pedestal or the crown must have safe strategies to secure reservations. Touring Liberty Island is one of the most rewarding experiences of the school trips. All the US based schools should make some plans first to visit this national monument once in their educational career.

Things to do:

  • Secure advanced reservations for visiting the crown as the access is limited.
  • Plan your next trip with an association of School field trips and get lower prices on all field tours.
  • The Liberty Island is a very busy island due to its most attracted icons. Always try to arrive early.
  • Meet the park rangers, they will provide you a brief history of the Liberty Island and its most iconic statue

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