Time to Commemorate the Nation’s Hero

Get ready to commemorate the 32nd Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day this year.  Martin Luther King Jr. day has become as the annual federal holiday after getting the former President Ronald Reagan’s signature on the Law House of Representative Bill in 1985 clearly declaring January 15, the King’s birthday, an official holiday.  After the announcement of this holiday, the official recognition began in the following year, 1986 and happens on the third Monday of January.


Recognition of the MLK Day

Reverend Martin was a great leader of the Civil Right Acts in the United States who recognized the evilness, racial prejudice towards the blacks and segregation in the society.  He had made a memorable speech, “I Have a Dream” during the demonstration in downtown Birmingham, Alabama which was organized by him along with the million of demonstrators.  Later, he was jailed and criticized by different groups of people of his own country for putting his supporters’ life into risk. The students need to know about this great civil right activist who put his life into risks for their future and struggled to transform the America’s understanding of racial discrimination.


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