Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Day            

Here it is the day of Martin Luther King Jr. memorial.  A number of visitors from all across the United States are coming to visit Atlanta, the birth place of Martin Luther King Jr. who was the great activist of Civil Rights Movement.  He struggled hard to stand for the blacks and gather the Native Americans to eliminate the racist discrimination.  The visitors celebrate the MLK day and its legacy while uplifting the multi-culturalism and the diversity in the state.  He made the history of black and devoted his major part of life for the civilian’s equal rights.


How to Get Benefits from This Day?

Today is the federal holiday to honor the late Baptist leader of the civil rights in America.  This holiday marks the birthday of King which is January, 15.  The visitors attend different events, marches, concerts and other occasions on this day.  The MLK Day is not only packed with informative ceremonies for the visitors but also for the students.  The students of each grade can be benefited from this day and take first-hand knowledge by attending the official events occurring all across the country.


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