Odell S. Williams Museum

The Odell Williams Now and Then Museum was founded in 2001 that is one of the African American History’s well-known museums.  It was created just to inform people about the Juneteenth Independence Day and the achievements made by the African Americans.  The museum has five historical permanent exhibits that showcased the artworks of local black people and revealed Louisiana and Baton Rouge’s past from the view of African American history.


Annual Celebration of Juneteenth

The annual celebration of Juneteenth occurs on 19th June.  It is the commemoration of that day when it was announced that enslaved people were free in the United States.  So, many Americans celebrated that landmark day in American history.  The Odell Williams Museum actively manages all the arrangements for students to celebrate this festival with images, posters, speeches and oral history collections.  Basically, it is promoting the gist of Juneteenth.


Visiting Odell S. William Museum in Black History Month

The museum has enough to offer to the visitors that contributed a lot to the accomplishments of African Americans.  Teachers should arrange a field trip to the museum and discuss new things about the African American history with their students.  The group of students will take more interest in mutual discussions, integrated tasks and activities.  In this regard, museum staff will also help them in understanding the further information.


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