What is the significance of the One World Trade Center?

One World Trade Center, an international icon, is also known as the Freedom Tower. It is the main skyscraper of the rebuilt World Trade Center with a large complex in  Lower Manhattan, New York City. It is introduced as the tallest American building in the Western Hemisphere after the incident of 9/11 and also the sixth-tallest world-wide. The supertall tower of the original World Trade Center or Twin Towers was a huge skyscraper which was completely destroyed in a terrorist attack of 9/11.

The memorial of that North Tower has turned out into this beautiful and astonishing tower, a fine exclamation point of glass and steel. Though it is the tallest building in the United States but it didn’t appear to replace the World Trade Center as it never could. The new edifice is made with a turbulent historical design which is fascinating and marvelous enough to attract the visitors as well as the school students who visit this building during their educational trips.

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