Choosing an educational field trip will help a lot your students in understanding their study subjects. It will also infuriate in them the essence of practical learning. So here are some methods to arrange class field trips full of fun and knowledge;

Method 1: Selecting an Educational Site for a Field Trip

  • Destination: Based on your goals, select an important destination for the trip.
  • Define Goals: Define leaning goals based on the level of the students and their studies.
  • Make a List of Sites: Make a list of potential sites you intend to visit. It will help a lot.
  • Contact these Sites: It is better to contact potential sites and make arrangements.
  • Affordable Destination: Choose an affordable destination because you will take more.

Method 2: Obtaining Permissions for the Field Trip

  • Permissions: Do take the permission of the authorities at school and the destination.
  • Student Parents: Gain parental permission by speaking to each of student’s parents.
  • Medical Release Form: It is good to ask parents to fill out medical release forms to be on the safe side.

Method 3: Planning the Logistics of the Field Trip

  • Reservations: Finalize your reservations for the group
  • Transportation: Arrange for transportation to and from the field trip
  • Check the Site: Conduct a pre-visit to the site
  • Tour Guides: Recruit chaperones or tour guides to make it more knowledgeable.
  • Paperwork: Compile all of the necessary paperwork into a single binder or database
  • Attendance: Take careful attendance on the day of the trip

Method 4: Preparing Your Students for a Field Trip

  • Classroom Lessons: Integrate the trip into classroom lessons
  • Briefing: Explain all activities prior to the trip
  • Expectations: Communicate behavioral expectations
  • Safety: Discuss safety with your class

Field Trip Ideas for this winter

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  • Spectacular Atlanta Field Trips
  • Knowledgeable D.C. Field Trips
  • Exciting Philadelphia Field Trips
  • Top-Notch New York City Field Trips


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