Washington D.C. is the hardest or the easiest city to be around.  It can only be frustrating until you get a chance to explore the city and learn how to handle the things.  Once you get it from the professional guide team of 360 School Trips, you will never feel frustration anymore.  To get started your trip around the city, public transports will make your DC Field trips successful and delightful.  If you are not used to public transport, then D.C. Metro can be an intimidating for you.

How to use the Washington, DC Metro?

The DC Metro is the second largest and busiest transportation system in the United States.  First of all, you will have to get a SmarTrip card to ride the Metro.  You will have to pay all the charges of Metro via this SmarTrip fare card that can easily be rechargeable at any time and also available at any Metro station.  It serves thousands of passengers and commuters every day. Things you should keep in your mind are;

  • While riding the escalator, focus on your right side to stand and walk to your left.
  • Before boarding, wait for your turn and let every rider exit the train.
  • Always keep your SmarTrip card out with yourself and be ready to swipe whenever you are near the gate.

Why DC Field Trips is the best?

As a matter of fact, it is not easy to arrange a complete school field trip in a short time. It takes a lot of time and planning to arrange the best field trip. So pick the phone, dial our number, and let us make your educational field trip a great success story.

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