Historical Atlanta

Plan a field trip to the remarkable city where many historic and iconic places welcome you.  Have fun with hundreds of cultural and historical attractions and enjoy your trip with their hospitality.  Whether you want to explore Civil War, Business, Civil Rights Movements or just want to have fun, Atlanta has to offer this all.


Field Trips to Atlanta

The visitors can get a chance to visit the African-American Panoramic Experience Museum in Atlanta, Georgia. This is the home to the cultural events and arts that highlight both general and local issues.  Students must experience the Margaret Mitchell House & Museum with the hands-on exhibits and artworks that narrate the complete story of Margaret Mitchell.


Students Travel and Tours – Atlanta

The students would like to see the landscapes of past and present-day Atlanta to experience different cultures and the development of life.  They connect with a large variety of cultures and engage themselves in the hands-on exhibitions during the educational field trips.  These museums and the educational centers are the monuments built in the remembrance of the past great leaders telling about their lifestyle and great works.


Let’s Arrange a Field Trip

The best way to learn the history of African-Americans and their struggle to get civil rights is to visit the memorials that speak volumes about the struggle and efforts made by African-Americans. 360 School Trips is one of the leading field trip organizing companies in the United States with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. For a limited time, we are offering up to 30% off on all field trip plans.


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