Why Arrange Field Trips?

This year, make your field trips memorable and alive the history of African Americans.  While exploring the greatest collection of art, your children will get a chance to know about the great black Americans history and culture in Washington, DC as well as in Atlanta.


There are many things going on at the iconic destinations of Atlanta, Georgia.  It also offers different exciting family programs such as music concerts, speeches, exhibitions and monument.  All the programs are scheduled and well planned to indicate the lifestyle and contributions of black Americans.


Field Trips for Black History Month

Both cities, Washington, DC and Atlanta, remain important historical and cultural landmarks, because these are the places where enslaves were bought and traded.  Historical landmarks and iconic destinations are the symbol of unity and hope where academic field trips move every year to educate students.  The museums preserve Black people culture and heritage through the contribution made by African Americans to music, literature and religion.  There are top historical sites to commemorate the Black History Month such as;

  • Noble Hill-Wheeler Memorial Center
  • PinPoint Heritage Museum
  • Oakland Cemetery
  • National Museum of African American History and Culture
  • Martin Luther King Memorial


We Can Help You!

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