Field trips are the key components of well-formed academic learning.  An effective learning takes place if students bring through the active hands-on activities and experiences with the local rich resources to the capitol. Educational tours bring theory and practice closer. In other words, such kinds of tours bridge the gap between the theory and practice.

Students from all across the United States areas, visit the iconic destinations, parks, art galleries and exhibits in Washington, DC and New York correspondingly.  Field trips increase knowledge and understanding of the related project and also integrate realism to the particular subject.

Great idea must precede an educational field trip.  A proper attention should be given to the visit, selected destination, the preparation, an appropriate evaluation and follow up.  Good planning and a successful field trip expand the academic learning.  It maximizes the learning opportunities for students and encourages them to come out of the classroom walls. It helps them in setting their goals and achievements and prepares them for the future learning that how they become able to use the knowledge in the classroom after getting back from the field trip.

In Education Week Teacher, Stephanie Smith Budhai has stated, “Field trips provide authentic, hands-on, experiential learning opportunities where students can connect what they are learning in classroom, in a real-world context.” In this dramatically changing educational world, it is important to teach our students practically. Teaching our students practically is only possible if we arrange more and more educational trips to informative places.

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