Connection Between King and Atlanta

From exhibits and sermons to art and events, the Martin Luther King Jr. day gives a number of reasons to the visitors and Atlantans to visit Atlanta and commemorate the MLK Day.  The MLK Day is observed on the third Monday of January every year to mark Luther’s birthday, January, 15 which is around this holiday.  It is a black history month for the Native Americans and a federal holiday to honor the King and celebrate Atlanta’s heritage, history and the legacy of civil rights.


Things to Do For Students on MLK Day

The life of the great leader of the Civil Right Movement is full of inspirations that offer various opportunities for students to learn about his life.  The students can take the first-hand knowledge by attending the official ceremonies or events along with their teachers and can explore the legacy of King’s life.  The classroom teachers prefer to pause in the weeks heading to Martin Luther King Jr. Day to get the benefits and opportunities to teach their students about the legacy of civil rights, respect, tolerance and equality.


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