Take Tour to Atlanta This Black History Month

Visiting Atlanta on a Field Trip Atlanta is home to rich African-American heritage.  Visitors to Atlanta might come to see the cultural destinations and find the spirit of black history.  Many of them also come here to explore the spirit of African-Americans in historic sites, churches, attractions and restaurants in Atlanta. The survival of African-Americans […]

Top Field Trips for Black History Month

Why Arrange Field Trips? This year, make your field trips memorable and alive the history of African Americans.  While exploring the greatest collection of art, your children will get a chance to know about the great black Americans history and culture in Washington, DC as well as in Atlanta.   There are many things going […]

Student Tours to Atlanta Throughout Black History Month

Historical Atlanta Plan a field trip to the remarkable city where many historic and iconic places welcome you.  Have fun with hundreds of cultural and historical attractions and enjoy your trip with their hospitality.  Whether you want to explore Civil War, Business, Civil Rights Movements or just want to have fun, Atlanta has to offer […]

Ideas for Celebration of Black History Field Trips

What is Black History Month? Black history is a historical occasion to celebrate and examine the past and reflect on the consequences that our actions have and what they will have on future.  As being a community, we examine the Black History month as a time of celebration for those who believe that all these […]

Odell S. Williams Museum of African-American History

  Odell S. Williams Museum The Odell Williams Now and Then Museum was founded in 2001 that is one of the African American History’s well-known museums.  It was created just to inform people about the Juneteenth Independence Day and the achievements made by the African Americans.  The museum has five historical permanent exhibits that showcased […]

Black History Month Field Trips to Georgia

Amazing Historical City Georgia Georgia is a home to the Black History founders, legacies, legends, and heroes.  Back to the thousands of years, African-American legacy has reborn a new life in Georgia.  From the days of enslaved people to the Civil Right Movements, Georgia has contributed a lot and has deep roots of African-American heritages. […]

The Educational Value of Field Trips

Field Trips and Classroom Studies Visiting historical museums with class groups on a field trip has a value because students are motivated to get engaged in organized activities for clear outcomes.  To some extent, the museums are recognized as the only educational destinations where the learners or explorers can gain first-hand knowledge.  These museum educators […]

The Benefits of Learning Through Field Trips

Classroom vs. Educational Trips If you are planning to go on a field trip with your students, you should prepare your students cognitively by developing their observation skill and by integrating the school field trips into their annual curriculum programs. Though, considering the importance of educational field trips is not enough.  The time students spend […]

School Field Trips: Goals for Students

School Field Trips Deepen your hands-on adventures by planning your next field trip with 360 Field Trips.  The United States of America is packed with outstanding places, monuments, museums, science labs, and technology exhibits that allow students to come and see these informative exhibitions.  Students can become scientists after visiting these science labs. The main […]

Education World: Get Out of the Classrooms with Virtual Field-Trips

What is a Virtual Field Trip? The restless students look mired in a malaise inside the classroom when it has been so long that you never planned for a field trip.  It is important for students to get out of the classroom for virtual trips when you see a long string of gloomy days.  If […]