What is Boston Common?

Boston Common is the oldest central public park  in the history of America located in Downtown Boston, Massachusetts.  In 1634, the park was designated as a common pasture and was used for public hangings and other military purposes.  The gibbets were removed in the mid of 1830 and the pasture was forbidden for cattle and/or goat grazing.  Now, it largely serves as a public park for public speeches and assembly and also for the recreational purposes.  It is an open place and the center for all the Boston attractions for the visitors.  After 400 hundred years, families come to this park and see the monumental structures and the remnant Boston treasures.

The visitors come to listen to the speakers, walk along the tree lined track and enjoy the sunny day.  The tourists should take a ride in the swan boat to cross the area and explore the state capitol.  The students must see this destination while planning a school trip to Boston where they can visit the Visitor Center and different events.

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