The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the hybrid suspension bridges in New York City which is considered as the biggest and the oldest bridge in the United States of America. This long steel wire cable bridge was first designed and constructed by John Augustus Roebling and completed in 1883.

This bridge was opened for the first time on 24th May to the public thus connecting the Brooklyn and boroughs of Manhattan by crossing the East River. It is a very beautiful and renowned place for its limelight electric cables décor which can never fail to entice the heart of the visitors.

Things to know about the Brooklyn Bridge

The most astonishing thing about this long suspension bridge is that it was the longest bridge in the 19th century across the world. Many festivals and ceremonies took place over the bridge with a massive strength every year.

Thousands of people come there to see the beauty of this bridge which is connected with two different cities and has become as the cultural icon soon. The Brooklyn Bridge has moved by the architectural and artwork which cannot be found in other manmade structures in New York.

This cable bridge has had the slew of different TV shows and commercials as to sell the products of the entrepreneurs. Thereby, it has become as a symbol of an Italian bubble gum too. This bridge has such appealing features to attract some showmen and daredevils.

Make a plan to visit the Brooklyn Bridge

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